Welcome to the Princeton Polar Ice website! Here we present our latest research results on the mass change of Earth's ice sheets by using gravity measured by the GRACE satellites. Most recently have published our work on the Greenland ice sheet, measuring its ice changes over the last decade.
More information on Greenland, including published figures, updated figures, and additional discussion can be found on the Greenland page. We are also developing and maintaining a collection of open-source software for geodetic localization of GRACE data products. Details about this code can be found on the Methods/Code page.

2/19/2013     The Greenland page has been updated with a new version for GRACE Release Level 05 data, with data through September 2012. The previous page can still be accessed from there as well. The next update for new Greenland data will likely be after Jan2013 is released.

11/19/2012     Our recent paper about Greenland's ice mass change, Harig and Simons [2012], has been published online. Access it here