Chris Between and 2013-2016, Dr. Christopher Harig was an Associate Research Scholar in the Department of Geosciences at Princeton University. His research covers areas of geodesy and geodynamics. He studies the melting of Earth's ice sheets due to climate change measured by satellite gravimetry. Chris also studied the dynamics of the lithosphere and upper mantle using geodynamic computer models, placing constraints on the rheology of these layers. Personal website

Dr. Frederik J. Simons is a Professor of Geosciences at Princeton University. His research encompasses various aspects of solid-earth geophysics. More specifically, he studies the physical properties of the lithosphere, focusing on the elastic and thermomechanical properties of the continents, by seismic tomography and the spectral analysis of gravity and topography. With his colleagues, Frederik has developed mathematical methods for the analysis of processes on the sphere, for geodesy, geomagnetism, and cosmology, designed wavelet-based signal processing methods for seismology, and developed oceanic instrumentation to close the seismic coverage gap over the Earth's oceans. Personal website